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Pothole Patching Compound

ROADPATCH is our proprietary name for our cold mix brand. It is a mixture of aggregates and modified bitumen in specific quantities. It is mainly used for pothpole patching and minor repairs. It is packaged in easy to handle and apply 25kilogram bags. Our packaging bags contain laying instructions printed on the outside of the bags for reference whenever necessary. ROADPATCH can be supplied in bulk upon prior arrangement with us.

25KG - Will cover approximately 0.5m2

The compound is UNBELIEVABLY EASY TO USE, you just have to follow a very simple process;
  • Clean out the pothole of all loose debris and dust
  • Slightly moisten cleaned hole with water
  • Pour in ROAD PATCH level
  • Tamper down leaving slightly proud
  • Open to traffic
  • Store in a cool shaded place away from direct sunlight
  • After opening you should use within 6 months
  • Unopened will store for 12 months


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