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We hire out plant and equipment. Call us for a quotation on 09 470 776

Asphalt Celebrating 20 years of service delivery
Emulsion Plant Commissioning

Hon. Joram Gumbo [Minister of Transport & Infrastructure]

Asphalt Concrete Laying
Easy to use pothole patching compound
Our Machinery

With our fleet of bitumen sprayers we can provide spray and chip services at any location...

Sports Courts

Tennis, Basket ball, Hand ball, Netball, Volley ball Courts

Combined spray and chip operation

Its combined spray and chip operation gives increased output, efficiency and quality leading to...

Quality Control

We are straight forward and fair. We do what we say we will do. We respect and trust people and...


Our Values

Sustainability – We value the environment and will do everything in our power to ensure our children inherit a sustainable world
Integrity  - We are straightforward and fair. We do what we say we will do. We respect and trust people and are trustworthy in return
Versatility - We embrace change, welcome new situations and crave knowledge from whatever source. We are flexible and adaptable to new methods or practices
Openness - We are approachable. We know that clear communication and involvement at all levels, with our Suppliers, our Clients and within ourselves is vital to sustain long term success
Resilience - We are persistent, setting challenging goals for our performance and strive to build enduring relationships. We see failure as an opportunity to learn

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