ROADPATCH is our easy-to-use Cold Mix Asphalt brand used for patching potholes and minor road repairs.

The product is a combination of various grades of aggregate and a modified bitumen binder designed to be useable at ambient temperatures. It is mainly used for pothpole patching and minor road repairs without prior technical knowledge or experience.

The product is UNBELIEVABLY EASY TO USE, you just have to follow a very simple process;
  • Clean out the pothole of all loose debris and dust
  • Slightly moisten cleaned hole with water
  • Pour in ROAD PATCH
  • Tamper down leaving slightly proud
  • Open to traffic
  • Store in a cool shaded place away from direct sunlight
  • Store for 6 months un-opened
  • After opening, use within 6 month

25KG - Will cover approximately 0.5m2