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Bitumen can be supplied in drums or in bulk


We locally manufacture Anionic and Cationic Grade Bitumen Emulsions

Supply in bulk or drummed

CutBack Bitumen

ASPHALT PRODUCTS locally manufactures Cutback Bitumen in the form of MC 30 and can be supplied in bulk or drummed.

Hot Mix Asphalt

With the recent acquisition of our new hot asphalt plant, we haved doubled our production output!


ROADPATCH is our easy-to-use Cold Mix Asphalt brand used for patching potholes and minor road repairs.

This product is supplied in 25kg Bags.

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Asphalt Products supplies Penetration Grade Bitumen and manufactures various Anionic and Cationic Bitumen Emulsions, Cutback Bitumen, Hot Mix Asphalt and Road Patch.