Spray and Chip Surfacing

Spray and chip surfacing is a technique involving the spraying of bitumen followed by a single layer of washed stone aggregate chippings.

It is mainly used as an inexpensive alternative to surfacing a primed granular base or re-surfacing of an existing road. It can also be used as a wearing course on top of an asphalt concrete base course to provide surface texture and increase skid resistance.

Asphalt Products (Pvt) Ltd is the only company in Zimbabwe that owns and operates a state of the art Chipsealer. 
The CHIPSEALER combines the two activities of bitumen spraying and stone aggregate chipping function into one easy flawless operation.
  • It’s in built computer ensures exact application of binder and aggregates by monitoring the pump output and vehicle speed ratios
  • As the aggregate is applied immediately after the binder there are no problems with adhesion of the aggregate to the binder giving you high quality work
  • Its combined spray and chip operation gives increased output, efficiency and quality leading to lower costs per m2
  • Costs of establishment to sites are minimal as it drives to site removing the need for establishing a sprayer, chip spreader and tippers
  • It is operated by the driver who has full control of all operations from the front cab
  • Equipped with a printer the machine can print the days’ work summary including the bitumen application rate, aggregate rate and area covered

Or if You Prefer the Traditional.

With our fleet of bitumen sprayers we can provide spray and chip services at any location countrywide.